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Property Insurance

The property, technical items and equipment of any organization are the essential elements for the natural activity of the given organization, which yet can be damaged, destroyed due to various risks causing enormous damages to the company.Insure the property of your organization with us and continue your smooth activity.

Insurance Objects

  • Real estate: buildings, constructions, auxiliary buildings etc..
  • Real estate objects of incomplete constructions,
  • Real estate interior,
  • Raw and materials,
  • Equipment and machine,
  • Means of transportation and other type of moveable property that is not being used as a transport,
  • Land,
  • Other property.

Insurance Risks

  • Fire, thunderbolt, explosion,
  • Water damage,
  • Natural disasters,
  • Mechanical impacts,
  • Glass breakage,
  • Other persons illegals acts,
  • Electric wave impacts,
  • Direct physical damage

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